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 20160203 【The World's Great Deserts1】


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The great desert in the world

The hottest

Located in North Africa, the Sahara Desert is the hottest desert in the world!

Its temperatures soar as high as 50 degrees in the summer and drop to almost freezing in the winter.

Because the Sahara is so massive - it is almost as large as the entire United States -
some people mistakenly think it is the world's biggest desert.

Even though it covers most of North Africa, it is ranked as the third largest desert on Earth.

The Sahara's sand dunes are famous for their size, with some reaching heights of 180 meters.

One of the driest

The Atacama Desert , located in the south American country of Chile, is considered one of the dries regions on Earth.

Consisting mostly of salt lakes and sand , this desert receives around one millimeter of rain per year.

Many types of reptiles can be found there, but little plant life.

The absence of vegetation causes the landscape to resemble Mars, making it a favourite movie location for filmmakers.

Scenes in movies such as Spy Kids, Quantum of Solace and others have been filmed there.
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20160203 【The World's Great Deserts1】

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