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 20160201 【It's our world】


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It's our world
Start your life early

Each of us only has a few years in this big, scary mystery of a world.

That's why it's important to start solving some of the mystery early on.

Consider accomplishing the following goals:

Travel the world

Leave home and discover a culture different from your own.

As an extra task, learn the language there as well.

But be careful - seeing more of the world usually makes it seem bigger.

Serve the world

Help others nearby regularly whether they are homeless people or needy children.

You'll find that your own area is much more complex than you realised.

Help yourself by helping friends and strangers around you.

Face the world

Challenge yourself - run a marathon, learn to dance , go bungee jumping.

You can't imagine the lessons you'll learn and the memories you'll make by being daring.

Understand the world

Make the most of your life starting from a young age.

The world won't stop changing, and time won't stop moving forward, and neither should you.

But , more importantly , remember that it's never too late to begin .

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20160201 【It's our world】

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