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 20160125【Fitness effort plateaus】


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What to do when your fitness effort plateaus
Don't give up-just change the way you do things

When your regular sweet sessions stop showing you the progress you're used to , it can become difficult to get yourself to the gym for those 6 a.m.spin classes.

On the flip side , when you throw in the towel and stop making it to the gym at all, you're pretty much guaranteed to see your fitness plateau become less of a plateau and more of a regression.

The way you handle a fitness plateau makes all the difference .

We asked Swan, a professional trainer at Bootcamp, to lay it out for us.

More is not the answer

Your first instinct may be to do more.

But longer workouts are not the answer.

If you start to see your progress coming to a halt, you have to ramp up efforts in an entirely different way.

"When you stop seeing results from your current workout plan, i always recommend my clients look at what they have been doing and make small adjustments to get back on track," Swan said.

"The body and the mind need to be consistently challenged to grow and succeed."
Our sales plateaued for three months at the end of last year.

To meet the deadline, our progress need to rame up.

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20160125【Fitness effort plateaus】

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