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 20160114【A crash course in winter sports(1)】


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A crash course in winter sports

Sports for snow

While some like the slippery,hard ice,others prefer soft snow.

Of course , when they are shooting down a mountain on skis, the snow isn't always gentle.

Skis dominate snow sports and are used for many different games.

People race down a course in alpine skiing or launch into the air for a ski jump.

All a skier's best moves and tricks are on display in freestyle skiing.

Snowboards are popular , allowing for many of the same results.

Other snow choices

Growing tired of the snow sports already mentioned, athletes have developed many more.

Lonely skiers tie themselves behind a dog or horse in high-speed skijoring.

Others exercise their artistic side with ski ballet, much like figure skating on snow.

However, some prefer to take off their skis, racing downhill in kayaks or on shovels.

Players without anything to ride on can enjoy yukigassen, basically organized snowball fights.

No matter what
is chosen - snowballs , skis or shovels - a world of funds waiting.
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20160114【A crash course in winter sports(1)】

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