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 20151231 【Can i sit here?-2】


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發表主題: 20151231 【Can i sit here?-2】   周五 1月 01, 2016 12:49 pm

Can i sit here?

If the train isn't swarming with people and those are the only seats open, then maybe it's OK.

But i like to stand and stretch my legs after sitting all day.

That might be true, but it's not always easy to keep your balance while the train is moving.

Well! that's what the hand straps are for.

Besides, you should think of others first.

What do you mean?

Chances are , there is someone else who needs to sit down more than you do.

Wait, Are you saying i shouldn't sit in any seat on the MRT?

No, i'm just saying that when we're all squashed together in there, you probably shouldn't fret about getting a seat.

Why should i sacrifice a seat to someone else who may or may not have been sitting all day at their office?

Because it's a nice thing to do.

Standing isn't going to hurt you.

Besides, you never know how much someone else might really need a seat.

I understand giving up a priority seat.

But the way i see it, all of the other seats are first come, first served.
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20151231 【Can i sit here?-2】

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